Iram (Place)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Iram Also known as er-Ram. A site in southern Jordan inhabited by the Nabateans in the Roman era. Known for the archaeological remains of its temple.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
IRAM (29°34´N; 35°24´E). An ancient settlement of the Nabatean and Roman era located in Wadi Ramm, 40 km E of ʿAqaba. The ruins include a Nabatean temple dedicated to the goddess Allat, surrounded by a large settlement of the Nabatean-Roman era. A hydrological system is also constructed from the nearby
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
IRAM The ancient name, confirmed by an inscription, of a Nabatean sanctuary to the goddess Allat, near the spring of Ain Shellaleh in Transjordan. Excavated by R. Savignac and G. Horsfield in 1934 and later by D. Kirkbride, the temple comprises two phases of construction The first was a structure surrounded