Intertestamental Period
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Intertestamental Period
Second Temple Period The time between the building of the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem in 516 bc and its destruction by the Romans in ad 70. It also may be considered to begin as early as 538 bc, the date of Cyrus’ edict for the Jews to return to Jerusalem (Ezra 1:2–4; 6:3–5; Isa 44:28).For more
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Intertestamental Period, The
Intertestamental Period, The. Portion of time extending from the close of OT history to the beginning of NT history; also known as the silent years.See Judaism.
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Intertestamental Period
INTERTESTAMENTAL PERIOD* Portion of time extending from the close of OT history to the beginning of NT history. Much of this period is covered in the books of 1 and 2 Maccabees. See Maccabees, 1 and 2.
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BETWEEN THE TESTAMENTS:As the title indicates, the historical period in the life of Israel extends from the cessation of Old Testament prophecy to the beginning of the Christian era.
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Intertestamental History and Literature
INTERTESTAMENTAL HISTORY AND LITERATURE Events and writings originating after the final prophet mentioned in the OT (Malachi, about 450 b.c.) and before the birth of Christ (about 4 b.c.).Shortly after 600 b.c. the Babylonians captured Jerusalem, destroyed the temple and took away many of the people