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InitiationThe word initiation does not occur in the Bible. But there are a number of rites and acts that conform with the definitions of initiation by ethnologists and historians of religion, who distinguish between collective initiation and individual initiation. Initiation is also a plot motif in
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Initiation, Christian
INITIATION, CHRISTIAN. The modern concept of Christian initiation refers to the unity between the sacraments of *baptism, confirmation and *Eucharist; in its largest sense, it can also include the catechumenal process of integration into the Christian life. In the Fathers, however, Christian initiation
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Initiation Rituals
Initiation Rituals Initiation rituals, which mark or enact an individual’s entrance or acceptance into a group, have played an important role in societies both ancient and modern. While virtually every culture has practices that could fit the definition, the term initiation ritual itself is artificial.