Incense Dish
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The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Incense Dish
INCENSE DISH [Heb kap (כַּף)]. The common word for the hollow part of the hand is used to indicate a shallow bowl used as a censer, for burning incense. The RSV renders this term “incense dish.” Archaeological discovery of shallow stone bowls, with a hand carved on the bottom so that the vessel appears
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Incense, Dish for
Incense, Dish for[Heb kap̱—‘palm (of the hand)’]. A golden dish or shallow bowl which held incense in the Israelite tabernacle and temple. Heb. kap̱ usually denotes the “hand,” or more specifically the “palm.” Therefore when this word is used for a vessel of the sanctuary, it suggests a dish (RSV Ex.
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
INCENSE DISH [כַּףkaf]. A cultic vessel, perhaps used as a CENSER, but more likely simply to hold and convey an offering of INCENSE. The Hebrew is lit. “palm [of the hand],” which probably indicates that the vessel was the shape and size of a cupped hand (Akk. kappu[m], “bowl”). While the NRSV frequently