Hyrcanus II (son of Alexander Jannaeus)
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Hyrcanus II
Hyrcanus II A Jewish high priest in the first century bc. The eldest son of Alexander Jannaeus and Salome Alexandra.
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Hyrcanus (Person)
HYRCANUS (PERSON) [Gk Hyrkanos (Ὑρκανος)]. 1. The son of Tobias, a wealthy depositer to the temple treasury (2 Macc 3:11).2. John Hyrcanus I ruled as high priest and ethnarch from 135/4 to 104 b.c.e. He succeeded Simon Maccabeus, his father, who was murdered with Hyrcanus I’s two elder brothers by
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Hyrcanus (son of Tobias)
Hyrcanus (hihr-kay´nuhs).1 Hyrcanus son of Tobias, a wealthy depositor to the temple treasury (2 Macc. 3:11). According to Josephus, his magnanimity was recognized by Ptolemy (Antiquities 12.219), but he committed suicide when the Seleucid ruler Antiochus IV Epiphanes came to power (Antiquities 12.236).
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Hyrcanus II (69 and 63 BCE) and Aristobulus II (69–63 BCE)
Hyrcanus II (69 and 63 bce) and Aristobulus II (69–63 bce)The lives of the two brothers Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II are so intricately intertwined that it is more reasonable to deal with them together than to tell the same story twice. Neither is mentioned in the Bible or Apocrypha, but their contests
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
5. Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II (67–63 BCE)
5. Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II (67–63 bce)We now enter a period of four years during which the two Hasmonean brothers fought for control of the Jewish throne. Hyrcanus took up the rulership of Judah as soon as his mother died, but only for a short time. Aristobulus quickly attacked and defeated him;
HYRCANUS hihr-kay´nuhs [Ὑρκανος Hyrkanos]. 1. A prominent, wealthy person identified as the son of Tobias (2 Macc 3:11). When Seleucus IV Philopator sent Heliodorus to extract wealth from the Temple in Jerusalem, the high priest informed Heliodorus that Hyrcanus had deposited a sum of money there.2.