Hushim (son of Dan)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Hushim, Son of Aher
Hushim, Son of Aher (חֻשִׁים‎, chushim). A descendant of Benjamin (1 Chr 7:12).
Shuham, Son of Dan
Shuham, Son of Dan (שׁוּחָם‎, shucham). Also called Hushim. The only son of Dan. He is mentioned twice in the Old Testament. In Genesis 46:23, his name is given as “Hushim” (חֻשִׁים‎, chushim). In Numbers 26:42, he is called “Shuham” (שׁוּחָם‎, shucham) and identified as the eponymous ancestor of the Shuhamites.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Hushim (Person)
HUSHIM (PERSON) [Heb ḥūšı̂m (חֻשִׁים)]. Var. SHUHAM. 1. The only descendant of Dan (Gen 46:23) mentioned in the genealogy of Jacob in Genesis 46. In Num 26:42 again, only one descendant of Dan is mentioned, but here he is called Shuham (possibly resulting from the transposition of the letters ḥet
Shuham (Person)
SHUHAM (PERSON) [Heb šûhām (שׁוּהָם)]. Var. HUSHIM. SHUHAMITES. The only son of Dan according to the second census taken by Moses in the wilderness. He is listed in Num 26:42 as the ancestor of the tribe of the Shuhamites. The (Num 26:46) contains an alternate rendition of this name: sami. The parallel
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Hushim. 1. Dan’s son (Gn 46:23), alternately called Shuham in Numbers 26:42 where he is mentioned as the founder of the Shuhamite family.2. Benjamite descendants of Aher (1 Chr 7:12).3. Benjamite and one of Shaharaim’s two wives (1 Chr 8:8, 11).
Shuham, Shuhamite. Alternate name for Hushim, Dan’s son, and his descendant in Numbers 26:42, 43.See Hushim #1.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
1. Family name of the children of Dan (Gen. 46:23), but cf. the form “Shuham,” by interchange of consonants, in Nu. 26:42.
Shuham shoo̅ʹham [Heb. šûḥām]; SHUHAMITES shoōʹhə-mīts [Heb. haššûḥāmî]. The son of Dan, and his descendants (Nu. 26:42f); called Hushim in Gen. 46:23.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
HUSHIM1. Dan’s son (Gn 46:23), alternately called Shuham in Numbers 26:42, where he is mentioned as the founder of the Shuhamite family.2. Benjamite descendant of Aher (1 Chr 7:12).3. One of the Benjamite Shaharaim’s three wives (1 Chr 8:8–11).
SHUHAM, SHUHAMITE Alternate name for Hushim, Dan’s son, and his descendants in Numbers 26:42–43. See Hushim #1.
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Hushim (hoosh´im).1 A son of Dan who went to Egypt with Jacob (Gen. 46:23), although by a reversal of letters the name is Shuham in Num. 26:42 and the family group of which he is the ancestral head is called the Shuhamites. See also Shuham.2 The son of Aher; a descendant of Benjamin (1 Chron. 7:12).
Shuham (shoo´ham), the ancestor of a group of people from the tribe of Dan (Num. 26:42–43). In Gen. 46:23, he is called Hushim.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
HUSHIM1. Family name of the children of Dan (Gen 46:23), also called Shuham (Num 26:42).2. The name given to the sons of Aher, a Benjamite (1 Chr 7:12).3. One of the two wives of Shaharaim, a Benjamite, and the mother of Abitub and Elpaal (1 Chr 8:8, 11).
SHUHAM. A descendant of Dan, head of the family of the Shuhamites (Num 26:42); called “Hushim” in Gen 46:23.
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
HUSHIM. ‘Those who hasten’. 1. A son of Dan (Gn. 46:23), called Shuham in Nu. 26:42. 2. A son of Aher the Benjaminite (1 Ch. 7:12). 3. One of the two wives of Shaharaim and the mother of Abitub and Elpaal (1 Ch. 8:8, 11).G. W. Grogan.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Hushim (Heb. ḥûšɩ̂m, ḥušɩ̂m, ḥušim) (also SHUHAM)1. A son of (or a social group descended from) Dan (Gen. 46:23). The form Shuham occurs at Num. 26:42.2. The sons of the Benjaminite Aher (1 Chr. 7:12). The Hebrew text of this verse is difficult to interpret.3. The mother of Abitub and Elpaal;
Shuham (Heb. šûḥām) (also HUSHIM)A Danite, ancestor of the Shuhamite clans (Num. 26:42–43). At Gen. 46:23 he is called Hushim.
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Shuham [shōōˊhăm] (Heb. šûḥām). A son of Dan whose descendants were the Shuhamites (Num. 26:42–43). At Gen. 46:23 he is called “Hushim.”
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Hu´shim (who makes haste).1. In Gen. 46:23 “the children of Dan” are said to have been Hushim. The name is plural, as if of a tribe rather than an individual. In Num. 26:42 the name is changed to Shuham.2. A Benjamite, 1 Chron. 7:12; and here again apparently the plural nature of the name is recognized,
Shu´ham (pit-digger), son of Dan and ancestor of the Shuhamites. Num. 26:42.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
HU´SHIM (hūʹshim; “hasters”).1. The son of Dan (Gen. 46:23), given as Shuham in Num. 26:42.2. A name given as that of “the sons of Aher,” or Aharah, the third son of Benjamin (1 Chron. 7:12; cf. 8:1), and therefore only a plural form for Shuham, as a representative of his brethren.3. One of the wives
SHU´HAM (shūʹham). The son of Dan (Num. 26:42); elsewhere (Gen. 46:23), called Hushim (which see).
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