Hugh of Saint Victor
b. 1096 – d. February 11, 1141 • Abbot • Author • Mystic
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Hugh of St-Victor
Hugh of St-Victor (d. 1142), *Victorine theologian. Little is known about his life. About 1115 he entered St-Victor, the house of *Augustinian Canons recently founded in Paris by *William of Champeaux. According to one account he was born in the region of Ypres, according to another he came from Saxony.
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Hugh of St Victor (c. 1096–1141)
Hugh of St Victor (c. 1096–1141)Theologian, biblical commentator, monk and canon of the abbey of St Victor in Paris. About Hugh’s early life, little is known. One account indicates that he came from Flanders, another, Saxony. In any case, he entered the community of *Augustinian canons at St Victor
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Hugh of St. Victor
Hugh of St. Victor.—Canon of the Abbey of St. Victor of Paris, born near Ypers about 1090, died in 1140. Surnamed the “Second St. Augustine”; wrote in Latin several works: Commentaries on Holy Scripture; Summa of the Sentences; Treatise on the Sacrament; Explanation of the Rule of St. Augustine; De Sapientia
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Hugh of St. Victor
Hugh of St. Victor (ca. 1095–1141). Teacher of the monastery of St. Victor in Paris and the most famous theologian of the school of St. Victor, founded earlier by ⇒William of Champeaux. His chief work is On the Sacraments of the Christian Faith, which does not deal only with the sacraments but with a
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Hugh of St. Victor
Hugh of St. Victor (1096–1141)Abbot, mystic, writerThough one nearly contemporary source calls him Hugh of Lorraine, he probably came from the region of Halberstadt in Saxony, where one of his uncles was a bishop. He entered St. Victor’s in 1115, bringing with him the relics of that saint, which he