Hugh Latimer
b. 1485 – d. October 16, 1555 • Bishop • Martyr • Protestant Reformer
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Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, Hugh (c. 1485–1555), Bp. of *Worcester and Reformer. He was the son of a yeoman farmer of Thurcaston in Leicestershire, educated at Cambridge, and in 1510 elected Fellow of Clare Hall. In his earlier years he was an ardent opponent of the New Learning. He was ordained priest, and in 1522 his
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Latimer (Hughes) (1472–1555).—Renegate prelate; one of the first Protestants of the Anglican Church, born at Thurcaston, Leicester county, England. At first a very zealous Catholic priest, he combated by his writings Lutheranism; then ensnared by the preaching of his friend Thomas Ridley and by the reading
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Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, Hugh (ca. 1485–1555). English reformer born in the region of Leicestershire. He studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood at Cambridge University, but after his ordination he devoted himself to preaching the Reformation. His sermons emphasized human sin and total dependence on the atonement
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Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, HughHugh Latimer (c. 1485–1555), one of the first generation of the Reformers, became bishop of Worcester. He was born in Leicestershire, and educated in the University of Cambridge. In about 1524 he underwent a dramatic conversion to Reformation doctrine. He defended himself before Wolsey,
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Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, Hugh (1485–1555). One of the most notable Protestant preachers of the early Tudor period, Latimer began university life at Cambridge as a staunch opponent of the Reformation. The testimony of Thomas Bilney led to Latimer’s conversion. His support of King *Henry VIII’s divorce from Catherine
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Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, Hugh (c. 1485–1555). An English Reformer and preacher known for the emphasis on *social action and Christian *piety in his *preaching. Latimer became a priest after graduating from Cambridge. He lost favor with the Roman Catholic Church in the 1520s because of his Protestant sympathies, but
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Hugh Latimer & Nicholas Ridley
MartyrsHugh Latimer & Nicholas RidleyEnglish reformers who died together“Be of good comfort, Mr. Ridley, and play the man! We shall this day light such a candle, by God’s grace, in England, as I trust never shall be put out.”Their lives didn’t coincide much, but in their deaths, they stood
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Latimer, Hugh
Latimer, Hugh (c. 1485–1555)Protestant Reformer and martyrSon of a yeoman-farmer, Latimer was educated at Cambridge University, where he became a fellow of Clare Hall. He was ordained in 1510. Gifted as a speaker, he was licensed by the university to preach anywhere in the kingdom. At that stage of