Horvat Uza
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Horvat Uza
Horvat Uza A small archaeological site located in Israel’s northern Negev. Possibly the biblical site of Kinah, a Judahite site located on the Judah-Edom border.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Uza, Horvat
ʿUZA, HORVAT (M.R. 165068). A site in the E Negeb (not to be confused with a site of similar name in the plain of Acco).A. The Site and Its IdentificationHorvat ʿUza (Kh. Ghazze) is located in the E Negeb at the E edge of the Arad depression, at the top of the deep Naḥal Kina (Wadi el Keini). The
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
ʿUZA, HORVAT. The royal fortress of Horvat ʿUza stood on the eastern border of Judah, ca. 10 km south of arad. Measuring 51 m × 42 m, it was erected during the 7th cent. bce to guard against incursions by Arabic and Edomite tribes. Its defenses included a thick (1.5 m) wall and ten towers along its perimeter.