Holy ground
A location that is considered sacred, holy, or ritually pure.
Key passages
Ex 3:5

And he said, “You must not come near to here. Take off your sandals from on your feet, because the place on which you are standing, it is holy ground.”

Je 31:40

And the whole of the valley of the corpses, and the ashes, and all the cultivated fields up to the wadi of Kidron, up to the corner of the Gate of the Horses toward the east will be holy to Yahweh. It will not be uprooted, and it will not be overthrown again forever.”

Ps Sol 8:4

I heard a sound in Jerusalem, the city of the sanctuary.

Ps Sol 17:30

And he will have peoples of nations to serve him under his yoke, and he will glorify the Lord notably over all the earth. And he will cleanse Jerusalem with sanctification, as also from the beginning,