Hinnom Valley
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Hinnom Valley
Hinnom, Valley of (גֵּיא הִנֹּם‎, gei' hinnom). A valley stretching along the southwestern side of Jerusalem. Associated in the Bible with idolatry and destruction.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Hinnom Valley (Place)
HINNOM VALLEY (PLACE) [Heb gê hinnôm (גֵּי הִנֹּום)]. A narrow gorge curving along the W and S sides of Jerusalem. The valley begins near the modern Jaffa Gate as a shallow valley, turns S at the gate for approximately a half mile, and winds to the E, deepening to become a gorge as it reaches the Kidron
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Hinnom, Valley of
Hinnom, Valley of. Deep, narrow ravine running south of Jerusalem which marked the boundary between Judah and Benjamin’s territories.The Valley of Hinnom.See Gehenna.
Valley of Hinnom
Valley of Hinnom. Valley on the south side of Jerusalem, called Gehenna in the Greek NT.See Gehenna.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Hinnom, Valley of
Hinnom, Valley of hinʹem, [Heb. gê hinnōm] (Josh. 15:8; 18:16); [gê ḇen-hinnōm, “valley of the son of Hinnom”] (Josh. 15:8; 18:16; 2 Ch. 28:3; 33:6; Jer. 7:31f.; 19:2, 6; 32:35; Q in 2 K. 23:10, read by the NEB); NEB “Valley of Ben-hinnom”; [gê ḇenê-hinnōm, “valley of the sons (AV “children”)
Slaughter, Valley of
Slaughter, Valley of [Heb. gêʾ haharēg̱â] (Jer. 7:32; 19:6). A name given to the Valley of Hinnom because of Israel’s involvement in the cult of Topheth or Molech, which included human sacrifice. See Hinnom, Valley of I.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Hinnom, Valley of
HINNOM, VALLEY OF Deep, narrow ravine running south of Jerusalem that marked the boundary between Judah’s and Benjamin’s territories. See Gehenna.
Valley of Hinnom
VALLEY OF HINNOM Valley on the south side of Jerusalem, called Gehenna in the Greek NT. See Gehenna.
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Hinnom, Valley Of
Hinnom (hin´uhm), Valley of, a valley known also as the Valley of the Son of Hinnom. It was probably the Wadi er-Rababi, beginning west of Jerusalem, near the present Jaffa Gate, and curving round south of the Old City to join the Kidron Valley. It was entered from the Potsherd Gate (Jer. 19:2, 6) and
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
HINNOM. The valley of Hinnom begins on the W side of Jerusalem at the Joppa (Jaffa) Gate, continuing S until it bends E along the southern limits of the city, joining the valley of the Kidron near the SE corner and the Dung Gate. It is a deep and narrow ravine with steep, rocky sides. See Jerusalem.
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
Hinnom, Valley of
HINNOM, VALLEY OF. A valley to the S of Jerusalem, also styled ‘the valley of the son (or sons) of Hinnom’. It was associated in Jeremiah’s time with the worship of Molech. Josiah defiled this shrine, and put an end to the sacrifices offered there. Later the valley seems to have been used for burning
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Hinnom (Place)
Hinnom (Heb. hinnōm), VALLEY OFOne of three valleys which cut through the region around Jerusalem. Most scholars believe that the western valley is the one the ancients called Hinnom Valley, which joins the Kidron Valley at the southeast corner of Jerusalem. It is also called the “valley of the son
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Hinnom (Valley Of)
HINNOM (VALLEY OF) A valley on the border between the territories of Benjamin and Judah (Josh. 15:8, etc.), to the south and southwest of Jerusalem a continuation of the Kidron Valley. In Jeremiah (7:32) it is called the ‘valley of slaughter’. At a later period the Valley of Hinnom, also known as Gehinnom,
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Hin´nom (lamentation), Valley of, otherwise called “the valley of the son” or “children of Hinnom,” a deep and narrow ravine, with steep, rocky sides, to the south and west of Jerusalem, separating Mount Zion to the north from the “hill of evil counsel,” and the sloping rocky plateau of the “plain of
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Hinnom, Valley of
HINNOM, VALLEY OF (hinʹom). Otherwise called “the valley of the son of Hinnom,” or “the valley of Benhinnom”; a deep and narrow ravine with steep, rocky sides to the S and W of Jerusalem, separating Mt. Zion to the N from the “Hill of Evil Counsel,” and the sloping rocky plateau of the “valley of Rephaim”
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