b. AD 806 – d. December 21, AD 882 • Bishop • Noble
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Hincmar (c. 806–82), Abp. of *Reims. He was educated at the abbey of *St-Denis, and in 822 accompanied his teacher, Abbot Hilduin, to the court of *Louis the Pious. In 834 he officially entered the King’s service, and after Louis’s death attached himself to Charles the Bald, whose loyal supporter he
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Hincmar of Rheims
Hincmar of Rheims (806–882).—Statesman and theologian. Monk of St. Denis, Abbot of St. Germain de Compiegne, named Archbishop of Rheims in 845 to replace Ebbo, with whom he had vehement wrestlings. He played a conspicuous part in the theological movement of his time, notably in the predestinarian controversy,
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Hincmar of Reims
Hincmar of Reims (ca. 806–82). Scholar who was trained in the monastery of Saint Denys, in Paris, and was later bishop of Reims. He was a faithful servant of Louis the Pious and later of Charles the Bald, which brought him into conflict with Lothair. He was a skillful administrator, and to a certain
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Hincmar (c. 806–882)Archbishop of Reims, 845–882Born to a French noble family, Hincmar received his education under Hilduin at the abbey of St. Denis (north of Paris). In 822, both student and teacher joined the court of Louis I (the Pious). Hincmar then remained with Charles II (the Bald) and the