Hill country of Ephraim
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Hill Country of Ephraim
Ephraim, Hill Country of (אֶפְרַיִם‎, ephrayim). The central mountainous district of Palestine, which was densely wooded, and extended from Bethel to the plain of Jezreel. Occupied by the tribe of Ephraim (Josh 17:15–18; 19:50; 20:7).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Ephraim, Hill Country of
Ephraim, Hill Country of [Heb. har ʾep̱rayim]; AV MOUNT EPHRAIM. An expression used repeatedly to refer to that portion of the hill country of Canaan W of the Jordan Valley that was assigned to the tribe of Ephraim after the conquest under Joshua (Josh. 17:15; 19:50; etc.). The high plateau (900 m,
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Ephraim, Hill Country of
Ephraim, Hill Country of (Heb. har ˒eprayim). The western part of the central mountain chain (KJV “mount Ephraim”; JB “highlands of Ephraim”) west of the Jordan within the tribal territory of Ephraim (Josh. 17:15), possibly another name for the mountains of Samaria (cf. Jer. 31:5–6); it was a
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Ephraim, Mount
Ephraim, Mountthe central mountainous district of Palestine occupied by the tribe of Ephraim (Josh. 17:15; 19:50; 20:7), extending from Bethel to the plain of Jezreel. In Joshua’s time (Josh. 17:18) these hills were densely wooded. They were intersected by well-watered, fertile valleys, referred to
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Ephraim, Mountains of
EPHRAIM, MOUNTAINS OF — a range of mountains west of the Jordan River, extending as far south as Ramah and Bethel (1 Sam. 1:1; 2 Chr. 13:4), named for the tribe of Ephraim, which settled the region (Josh. 19:50).
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Ephʹra-im [very fruitful], the name of a man, of a tribe, of a mountain-range, of a wood and of a city.1. The second son of Joseph, who took precedence of his elder brother, Manasseh, in consequence of the blessing of his grandfather Jacob (Gen. 48). Each of Joseph’s two sons was head of a tribe, while
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
Ephraim, Hill Country of
Ephraim, hill country of. The Hebrew phrase har-ʾeprāyim (KJV, “mount Ephraim”), which occurs more than thirty times in the OT (Josh. 17:15; Jdg. 3:27; 1 Sam. 1:1; et al.), denotes not a single mountain but the hill country in central Palestine occupied by the tribe of Ephraim and extending N into the