Hilary of Arles
b. AD 403 – d. AD 449 • Bishop • Roman catholic
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Hilary of Arles, St
Hilary of Arles, St (c. 401–49), Bp. of Arles. He became a monk at *Lérins, under the influence of his kinsman, St *Honoratus, and in c. 430 succeeded him as bishop of the *metropolitan see of Arles. In this capacity he presided over several councils, among them the First Council of *Orange (441)
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Hilary of Arles
Hilary of Arles (St.).—Hilary, born about 401, in Gaul, received an education befitting his distinguished birth, and made great progress in all branches of human knowledge, particularly in rhetoric and philosophy. After spending most of his youth in worldly pursuits, he resolved, after a hard struggle,
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Hilary of Arles
Hilary of Arles (ca. 399–449). Bishop of that city beginning in 429. He had conflicts with ⇒Leo the Great, who reprimanded him for his wish to extend his influence to the rest of Gaul. He did not agree with the Augustinian doctrine of grace, as can be seen in his correspondence with ⇒Augustine (Ep. 226)
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Hilarius Arelatensis
HILARIUS (17) ARELATENSIS (Hilary of Arles), ST., a highly distinguished prelate, bishop of Arles and metropolitan. He was born about a.d. 401, and died in a.d. 449 in the forty-eighth year of his age.
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Hilary of Arles
HILARY of Arles (ca. 401–449). He was born ca. 401 of a noble family (Genn., Vir. ill. 70) connected with the consular family of *Bishop Honoratus of Arles, as he himself affirms (Sermo de vita Honorati 4,8–11, Cavallin 51; 36,8–9, 75). The most widespread source—but not always trustworthy because of
Ravennius of Arles
RAVENNIUS of Arles (d. 460/461). Successor of *Hilary on the cathedra of *Arles in 449, the cause of which, even while a *presbyter, he had defended at Rome before Pope *Leo I in 446, but without, it seems, great success. During his election and consecration, twelve bishops of S *Gaul, among whom was
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Hilary of Arles
Hilary of Arles (401–449)Bishop of ArlesHilary was bishop of Arles in southern France when the bishop of Rome first actively extended a wide control over other bishops with the aid of the civil authority. Honoratus, the kinsman of Hilary, lead him first into the monastic life at Lerins, an island southwest