High Priest’s Robe
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
High Priest
High Priest The chief or head priest at a location of worship. In the Bible, this most commonly refers to the high priest of Yahweh in ancient Israelite worship.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Priest, High
Priest, High [Heb. hakkōhēn haggāḏōl—‘the great priest’; Gk. archiereús]; CHIEF PRIEST [Heb. hakkōhēn hārōʾš—‘the head priest’; Gk. archiereús]. I. Background II. Dress III. Origin and Importance IV. Responsibilities V. Postexilic Development VI. Greco-Roman Period
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Priest, High
PRIEST, HIGH. In Israel, as in many other states with historical priestly religions, a hierarchical system of graduated powers and responsibilities existed with a chief or high priest at the head of the organization. For over a millennium before Moses, each of the larger temples and religious centers
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
High Priest
High PriestThe primary official of the Israelite cultus. According to the Torah, the office of high priest goes back to the Sinaitic revelation. From Aaron, an uninterrupted hereditary chain of high priests links the portable tabernacle of the wilderness to the Second Temple in Jerusalem (Num. 25:10–13).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
High Priest
High Priest (Heb. hākkōhēn hāggādōl “the great priest,” hākkōhēn hāmmāšiaḥ “the anointed priest”).† The Old Testament mediator between Yahweh and the people of Israel who, in addition to performing sacrifices and rituals like other priests, acted to expiate the sins of the nation on
Dictionary of New Testament Background
Priests, Jewish
PRIESTS AND PRIESTHOOD, JEWISHThis entry deals with the traditional view of the priesthood as it emerges from ancient biblical commentaries and age-old tradition. These sources illuminate our understanding of the NT.1. Descent and Duties of the Priests2. The High Priest3. New Testament and Talmudic
Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
Priest, High Priest
Priest, High PriestIn the later NT writings the word priest (hiereus) occurs three times in Acts, fourteen times in Hebrews and three times in Revelation. In Acts it is used in a straightforward way during Luke’s historical account, twice to refer to the Jerusalem priests (Acts 4:1; 6:7) and once to
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
High Priest
High Priest. In the OT the head of the *Levitical priesthood whose institution and vestments are described in Exod. 28. Acc. to this account (usually assigned to *P), *Aaron, the brother of *Moses, was appointed the first high priest by Yahweh. The chief function of the high priest was the superintendence
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
High priest
High priest. The first distinct separation of Aaron to the office of the priesthood, which previously belonged to the first-born, was that recorded Ex. 28. We find from the very first the following characteristic attributes of Aaron and the high priests his successors, as distinguished from the other
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Priest, the High
PRIEST, THE HIGH (Heb. hakkōhēn, “the priest,” hakkōhēn haggādôl, “the great priest”). The high priest formed the culminating point in the Israelite hierarchy. The first to fill this high position was Aaron, who was succeeded by his eldest (surviving) son, Eleazar.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
High priest
High priestAaron was the first who was solemnly set apart to this office (Ex. 29:7; 30:23; Lev. 8:12). He wore a peculiar dress, which on his death passed to his successor in office (Ex. 29:29, 30). Besides those garments which he wore in common with all priests, there were four that were peculiar to
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Priest, High
PRIEST, HIGH — a chief priest of the Hebrew people, especially of the ancient Levitical priesthood traditionally traced from Aaron. “Head priest,” “the great one from his brothers,” and “ruler of the house of God” are literal translations of references to this officer (Lev. 21:10; 2 Chr. 19:11). The
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