Herod’s Building Program
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Herod’s Building Program
Herod’s Building Program Herod the Great’s construction of various projects—fortresses, palaces, gymnasiums, hippodromes, harbors, and the magnificent temple in Jerusalem. Took place in Jerusalem, Jericho, Herodium, Masada, Caesarea Maritima, Sebaste, Paneas, Bathyra, Antipatris, and elsewhere.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Herod’s Building Program
HEROD’S BUILDING PROGRAM. Herod the Great’s building projects in W Palestine constitute the most prominent in the country, for any single specific period or personality. One of the significant characteristics of his projects is their variety—he initiated the construction of towns, fortifications, fortresses,
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
HERODIAN FORTRESSES. King Herod, who reigned Judea from 40–4 bce, built energetically. Many of his construction projects were fortresses or fortified palaces. They are known primarily from Josephus and archaeological excavations.Herod’s fortresses (Antonia, Masada, Alexandreion, Cypros, Hyrcania, and