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Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
HEROS ἥ ρωςI. Heros (ἥ ρως) is a word of uncertain etymology, perhaps related to the name →Hera (Augustine, CD 10, 2; Adams 1987). It has two main semantic fields: in Greek myth and epos, a heros is a human warrior of the heroic age; in religion, he is a (real or fictitious) dead person who remained
Dictionary of New Testament Background
HEROESEvery civilization and culture has its heroes of the past. These renowned dead are the prominent characters of a given culture’s traditional narratives (written and/or oral, fictional and historical) that provide stories of origins, explain national identity and religion and may express many of
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
Hero/HeroineA hero or heroine cannot simply be equated with the protagonist of a story; he or she might be a secondary character rather than the leading character. Furthermore, not all protagonists are heroic. Heroes and heroines possess at least five traits: (1) they are representative figures for
Key passages
Sir 46:1–6

Joshua son of Nun was mighty in wars and the successor of Moses in prophecies, who became, according to his name, great at the salvation of his chosen, to take vengeance on enemies when rising up, so that he might inherit Israel. How glorified he was when he lifted up his hands, and averted …

Sir 47:4–7

In his youth, didn’t he kill a giant and take reproach away from the people when he lifted his hand with a stone of a sling, and cut down the pride of Goliath? For he called upon the Lord, the Most High, and he granted strength into his right hand to slay a person in war; he will raise up …

1 Mac 2:42

Then there gathered to them a congregation of Hasideans, strong warriors from Israel, all who were devoted to the law.

1 Mac 6:43–47

And Eleazar, called Sauaran, saw that one of the elephants was armed with royal armor and that it was higher than all the other elephants and saw that the king was on it. And he sacrificed himself to deliver his people and keep alive for himself an enduring name. And he ran at it boldly, into …

4 Mac 1:7–11

Therefore I could certainly demonstrate to you with many examples and from other places that pious reason is the complete master of the emotions, but I could show this much better from the bravery of both Eleazar and seven brothers, and their mother, who died for the sake of virtue. For every …

4 Mac 15:30

O more noble than males regarding endurance and more courageous than men regarding steadfastness!