Hermas the Shepherd
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Shepherd of Hermas
Shepherd of Hermas An early work that conveys a series of visions, mandates, and parables revolving around early Christian life in Rome. It is grouped with the writings known as the Apostolic Fathers.
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Hermas’ the Shepherd
HERMAS’ THE SHEPHERD. The early Christian document Hermas, or Shepherd of Hermas, was known to the early Church Fathers. The Muratorian canon, a list of canonical books from about the 3d century, says Hermas was written by the brother of Pius, Bishop of Rome, about 140–154. Despite much speculation,
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Shepherd of Hermas
SHEPHERD OF HERMAS* Volume composed by Hermas. Not much is known of Hermas other than the details he includes of himself in his work The Shepherd. In this story, Hermas states that he was originally a slave. He eventually gained his freedom, married, started a business, lost nearly everything, watched
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Hermas (Gk. Hermás), SHEPHERD OFA long and rather complicated work belonging to the collection called since the 17th century the Apostolic Fathers. At least the first part of the work, the Visions, was written by an otherwise unknown man named Hermas who lived in Rome or its environs in the first half
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Hermas, Shepherd of
HERMAS[hûrˊməs], SHEPHERD OF.† An early Christian apocalyptic work traditionally reckoned among the writings of the Apostolic Fathers.The book comprises three principal divisions, the Visions, Mandates, and Similitudes. In the first four visions experienced by the author—although these may actually
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Hermas, Shepherd of
Hermas, Shepherd ofThe Shepherd of Hermas (or simply Hermas) is one of the more enigmatic documents to have survived from the sub-apostolic period. Relatively simple in style and widely popular in the second and third centuries, it is an important witness to the state of Christianity in Rome in the
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Shepherd of Hermas, The
Shepherd of Hermas, The. The treatise of the sub-Apostolic Christian writer, *Hermas (q.v.). It was so named from the angel who, in the form of a shepherd, is recorded to have communicated to Hermas some of its contents. The identification of Hermas himself with the Shepherd, found in some later writers,
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Hermas.—A book belonging to the earliest days of Christianity, and most remarkable for its matter, form, and comprehensiveness, has come down to us under the name of The Shepherd (Pastor). The author calls himself Hermas, and tells us that, when still young, he was sold as a slave to a certain Rhode,
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Shepherd of Hermas
Shepherd of Hermas. A Roman treatise written over a period of time between 100 and 135. Sometimes described as an apocalypse, it was used in ancient Christian *congregations, even (partially) included with the NT books in Codex Sinaiticus.
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Hermas (2)
HERMAS (2). In the latter half of the 2nd century there was in circulation a book of visions and allegories, purporting to be written by one Hermas, and which was commonly known as The Shepherd. This book was treated with respect bordering on that paid to the canonical Scriptures of the New Testament,
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Hermas, Shepherd of
Hermas, Shepherd of huhr’muhs (Ἑρμᾶς G2254). A noncanonical apocalyptic writing of the early church; it is the longest of all the books included among the Apostolic Fathers, and considerably longer than any book of the NT. It was apparently considered an inspired book by many early Christians, including
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Hermas, Shepherd Of
HERMAS, SHEPHERD OFThe work entitled The Shepherd, written by Hermas, is an orthodox work that is included in The Ante-Nicene Fathers. It was widely read among the early Christians, and some Christians viewed it as canonical Scripture.The Shepherd, the angel of repentance, says to Hermas about the