Henry Barrowe
b. 1550 – d. April 6, 1593 • Martyr
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Barrow, Henry
Barrow, Henry (c. 1550–93), also Barrowe, *Congregationalist. Educated at Clare Hall, Cambridge, he was converted c. 1580 from the profligate life of a courtier to a strict *Puritanism. In 1586, when visiting in prison J. *Greenwood, the *Separatist leader, with whom he had earlier come into association,
Who’s Who in Christian History
Barrow, Henry
BARROW, HENRY (c. 1550–1593)English Separatist who believed that the established church was corrupt and thus had to be forsaken in order to create a pure churchAfter his graduation from Clare Hall, Cambridge, in 1570 he became a lawyer in Gray’s Inn, London, where he lived “without reference to God’s