Helmut Richard Niebuhr
b. September 3, 1894 – d. July 5, 1962 • Author • Theologian
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Niebuhr, Helmut Richard
Niebuhr, Helmut Richard (1894–1962), American theologian. The younger brother of Reinhold *Niebuhr, he was professor in the Yale Divinity School from 1938 until his death. His thinking was formed under the very diverse influences of K. *Barth and E. *Troeltsch. From Barth he learned to be dissatisfied
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Niebuhr, H. Richard
Niebuhr, H. Richard (1894–1963)Son of Gustav Niebuhr, an influential pastor in the German Evangelical Synod of North America, and younger brother of Reinhold Niebuhr, H. Richard Niebuhr also became an acclaimed theologian and taught Christian ethics at Yale Divinity School (from 1931).His writings
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Niebuhr, Helmut Richard
Niebuhr, Helmut Richard(1894–1962), U.S. theologian and educator, born in Wright City, Mo.; brother of Reinhold Niebuhr; Protestant advocate of theological existentialism; authority on theological ethics and American church history; professor Eden Theological Seminary 1919–22, 1927–31; president Elmhurst
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Niebuhr, H. Richard
Niebuhr, H. Richard (1894–1962). It is significant that two members of the same family had so much influence on the development of theological and ethical thought in the United States. N. was born in Missouri and, like his brother ⇒Reinhold, was educated at Elmhurst College, where he later served as
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Niebuhr, H. Richard
Niebuhr, H. RichardH. Richard Niebuhr (1894–1962) was born in Missouri, and graduated from Elmhurst College (1912) and Eden Theological Seminary (1923). He was ordained in the Evangelical and Reformed Church in 1916, and took his Ph.D. at Yale Divinity School in 1924. He became president of Elmhurst
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Niebuhr, H. Richard
Niebuhr, H. Richard (1894–1962). Richard Niebuhr, the younger brother of Reinhold *Niebuhr, served as a professor of Christian ethics at Yale University Divinity School. His work addressed the church’s role in society and ushered in a postliberal Protestant viewpoint. His key books, Christ and Culture
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Niebuhr, H. Richard
Niebuhr, H. Richard (1894–1962). An American theologian who taught at Yale Divinity School for over thirty years. Similar to many contemporaries in *Reformed theology, he was both deeply influenced by and dissatisfied with nineteenth-century theological liberalism. He wrote extensively on the historical
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Niebuhr, Helmut Richard
Niebuhr, Helmut Richard (1894–1962). The brothers Reinhold and H. Richard Niebuhr were leaders of new “Christian realism” that represented an American counterpart to European neoorthodoxy. H. Richard Niebuhr was ordained in the German Evangelical Synod of North America after attending the denomination’s
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Niebuhr, H. Richard (1894–1962)
NIEBUHR, H. RICHARD (1894–1962)Richard Niebuhr, who taught at Yale from 1931 to his death, and was Reinhold *Niebuhr’s brother, represented the left wing of American *neo-orthodoxy. He aimed at a holistic and critical Christian worldview.Niebuhr’s most important theological work was The Meaning of
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Niebuhr, Helmut Richard
Niebuhr, Helmut Richard (1894–1962)American Neoorthodox theologianHelmut (with his brother, Reinhold) was among the leaders of a new “Christian Realism” in America that arose out of modernism in the late 1920s. His work shared his brother’s criticisms of theological liberalism and its debt to European