Hellenistic Christianity and Hellenistic-Jewish Christianity
Hellenistic and Hellenistic-Jewish Christianity • Hellenistic Christianity • Hellenistic-Jewish Christianity
Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
Hellenists, Hellenistic and Hellenistic-Jewish Christianity
Hellenists, Hellenistic and Hellenistic-Jewish ChristianityActs 6:1–6 records the earliest known Christian controversy, a dispute between the Hebrews (those who spoke Aramaic) and the Hellenists (those who spoke Greek; Hellēn, “Greek”) over the inequitable distribution of food to the Hellenist widows.
The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology, Volumes 1–3
Jewish-Christianity: Material Culture (200–550)
Jewish-Christianity: Material Culture (200–550)Considerable uncertainty exists concerning the artifacts that are said to fall under the rubric of Jewish-Christian material culture. Two factors come into play. First is the lack of consensus on a definition of what historical elements constitute Jewish-Christianity.