Madain Salih
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
ḤEGRA (26°47’ N; 38°14’ E). An ancient Nabatean settlement of the Roman era located in the Ḥijāz of Saudi Arabia. It is mentioned only rarely by classical authors, who locate it in the territory of the Nabatean king Obodas III on the Red Sea coast (Strabo 16.4.24 [782]); associate it with the Laeanitae,
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
MADAIN SALIH. A city of the NABATEANS with 131 rock-cut tombs built between 100 bce and 100 ce. The site was the Nabateans’ second city after Petra. It was an important stop on caravan routes from the incense-producing areas of the southern Arabian Peninsula to Syria, Egypt, and Byzantium. In Islamic