Hebrew Apocalypse of Elijah
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Elijah, Hebrew Apocalypse of
Apocalypse of Elijah, Hebrew A nonbiblical, pseudepigraphal work sometimes called by its Hebrew title, Sefer Eliyahu. The Hebrew Apocalypse of Elijah is distinct from the better-known Coptic Apocalypse of Elijah.
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Elijah, Apocalypse of (Hebrew)
Elijah, Apocalypse of (Hebrew) sēp̱er ʾēlîyāhû—‘The Book of Elijah’]. An Aramaic and Hebrew account of the eschatological secrets that Michael revealed to Elijah on Mt. Carmel. In midrashic style the events are related to verses in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Daniel, and Deuteronomy.A detailed
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Elijah, Apocalypse Of
Elijah, Apocalypse ofReferences to apocalypses of Elijah and to writings by Elijah occur in postbiblical Jewish and Christian writings. Only two are extant. Their relationship is uncertain, but they may have a common source as evidenced by their traditions about the antichrist.1. A Jewish-Christian