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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Heat[Heb ḥōm (Gen. 8:22; 18:1; 1 S. 11:11; 2 S. 4:5; Job 24:19; Jer. 17:8), ḥōreḇ (Gen. 31:40; Job 30:30; Isa. 4:6; 25:4f; Jer. 36:30), ḥarḥur (Dt. 28:22), o (Dt. 29:24 [MT 23]), rešep̱ (Dt. 32:24), ḥammâ (Ps. 19:6 [MT 7]), arāḇôn (Ps. 32:4), ḥēmâ (Isa. 42:25; Ezk. 3:14; Hos.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
HEAT. Heb. ḥōm is used to heat in the middle of the day in contrast to other times (Gen 18:1; 1 Sam 11:11; 2 Sam 4:5); of summer in contrast to winter (Gen 8:22; Jer 17:8); of harvest time (Isa 18:4).Heb. ḥōreb refers to heat, but particularly of drought (Job 30:30; Isa 4:6; 25:4; Jer 36:30).Gr.
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
TemperatureIn a world without air conditioners, gas furnaces or aspirin, the biblical authors view temperature as an uncontrollable force affecting many areas of human existence. Also, without precise measuring instruments, their descriptions of temperature are limited to broad terms like hot and cold,
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
HEAT<het> ([חֹם‎, chom], [הֹרֶב‎, horebh], “drought,” Job 30:30; Isa 4:6; 25:4; Jer 36:30; [שָׁרָב‎, sharabh], Isa 49:10, translated in the Revised Version margin “mirage”; [ζεστός, zestos], “fervent,” Rev 3:15, [θέρμη, therme], Acts 28:3, [καυ̂μα, kauma], Rev 7:16, [καύσων, kauson],
Compton’s Encyclopedia
heatIn physics, heat is energy that is transferred from one body to another because of a difference in temperature. Heat is so well known from our earliest childhood that we hardly think about it. A steaming bowl of soup, an active radiator, and a sauna feel hot, a book and a chocolate bar at room temperature
A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels: Aaron–Zion
HEAT (καύσων), Mt 20:12, Lk 12:55; RV ‘scorching heat,’ with marg. ‘hot wind.’ καύσων in LXX has both meanings: (1) scorching heat (Gn 31:40, Is 49:10, Sir 18:16, 43:22); (2) the east wind (קָדִים), hot, dry, dust-laden, withering up all vegetation, and blowing from the desert, like the simoom (Job
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 3, H–L
Heat and Cold
heat and cold. These words appear in the same context twice (Gen. 8:22; 31:40). A striking feature of the climate of Palestine is the differences in temperature within so small a country. The land can experience almost tropical heat and bitter cold, although the cold lasts only a short time. These variations
Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical & Post-Biblical Antiquity, Volumes I–IV
Heating & LightingPeople use heating and lighting to adjust their environmental circumstances in order to gain security, comfort, and increased hours of productivity, as well as to produce food and to transform materials. In antiquity, the main source of heating and lighting was fire.The climate was
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
HEAT, hēt (חֹם‎, ḥōm, הֹרֶב‎, hōrebh, “drought,” Job 30:30; Isa 4:6; 25:4; Jer 36:30; שָרָב‎, shārābh, Isa 49:10, trd in RVm “mirage”; ζεστός, zestós, “fervent,” Rev 3:15, θέρμη, thérmē, Acts 28:3, καῦμα, kaúma, Rev 7:16, καύσων, kaúsōn, Mt 20:12; see Mirage): The heat of the summer is greatly
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
HEAT AND COLD [קֹר וָחֹםqor wakhom]. As a word pair, this expression appears in Gen 8:22, but in reverse order “cold and heat.” Appearing there in sequence with “seedtime and harvest” and “summer and winter,” the phrase has traditionally been understood to denote the cold and hot seasons of the year
Key passages
Jdt 8:2–3

Her husband was Manasseh of her tribe and family, and he died in the days of the barley harvest. For he stood over the binding of sheaves in the field, and the burning heat came upon his head, and he fell upon his bed and died in Bethulia, his city. So they buried him with his fathers in the …

Sir 3:15

In the day of your affliction it will be remembered for you; like fair weather on a frost, so your sins will be melted away.

Sir 18:16

Will not the dew alleviate the burning heat? So a word is better than a gift.

Sir 43:2–4

The sun in its appearance, proclaiming in departing, a wondrous object, the work of the Most High. It dries up a country with its noon heat, and who can stand before its heat? Though one guards a kiln in work of heat, the sun is three times hotter when it scorches mountains; when it blows …

4 Mac 10:14

But he said to him, “For that to convince me, you do not have your fire hot enough for me, so as to make me a coward.