Heap of Corn
Shock of Corn
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Shock of Corn
SHOCK OF CORN. A small stack or heap of reaped grain. In Jdg 15:5 and Job 5:26 the KJV translates the Heb. gādı̂sh “shock” and in Ex 22:6 “stack.” This Heb. word is used for “tomb” in Job 21:32 and “mound” over a grave in Job 5:26.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Shock of Corn
SHOCK OF CORN (Heb. gādı̂sh, a “heap”; hence “a tomb,” Job 21:32). A “stack” (Ex. 22:6; Job 5:26) of grain reaped (Judg. 15:5).
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