Harpoon, Fishing spear
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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Harpoon[Heb śukkâ] (Job 41:7 [MT 40:31]); AV BARBED IRON. Both harpoons and fishing spears are of little use in catching Leviathan. Other methods of Fishing were by hook and line (Job 41:1 [MT 40:25]) and by net (Eccl. 9:12).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
HARPOON. Found in (Job 41:7), RSV and Jerusalem Bible as the translation of Heb. śukkâ. KJV has “barbed irons.”
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
HARPOONS — spearlike weapons with barbed heads used in hunting whales and large fish (Job 41:7; barbed irons, KJV). Neither harpoons nor fishing spears, according to Job, were powerful enough to kill Leviathan, the mighty sea monster.
Compton’s Encyclopedia
harpoonA harpoon is a barbed spear used to kill whales, tuna, swordfish, and other large sea creatures. Harpoons were formerly thrown by hand but now, in the case of whales, are shot from specially constructed guns. A hand-thrown harpoon has two sets of sharp barbs and is made in two parts: the lily
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
HARPOON Barbed (KJV) spear or javelin used in hunting large fish or whales, mentioned as an inadequate weapon for catching the sea monster Leviathan (Job. 41:7) and thus showing God’s sovereignty over human inadequacy.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 3, H–L
harpoon. This English term is used to render Hebrew śukkâ H8496, which occurs only once (Job 41:7; KJV, “barbed irons”) parallel to “fishing spears”; both weapons are said to be futile in the battle with leviathan.
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
HARPOON [שֻׂכָּהsukkah]. A term appearing in parallelism with fishing spears (tsiltsal daghim צִלְצַל דָּגִים) in Job 41:7 [Heb 40:31], perhaps a barbed iron (KJV). Whatever the exact nature of the instrument, it is cited as an inadequate means by which to snare the sea monster LEVIATHAN. See FISHERMEN;