The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Hapharaim (חַפָרַיִם‎, chapharayim). One of the territories of the tribe of Issachar mentioned in Josh 19:19.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Hapharaim (Place)
HAPHARAIM (PLACE) [Heb ḥapārayim (חַפָרַיִם)]. A town located in the territory of the tribe of Issachar, mentioned only in Josh 19:19. Yeivin (1957: 590) equated Hapharaim with both Number 53 (ʿpr wr) and Number 54 (ʿpr šri) in the List of Thutmose III at Karnak. However, Kallai (HGB, 422) has noted
Ophrah (Place)
OPHRAH (PLACE) [Heb ʿoprâ (עָפְרָה‎)]. 1. A town in the tribal allotment of Benjamin (Josh 18:23). This Ophrah has been identified with modern et-Taiyibeh (M.R. 178151), about 4 miles N of Bethel (Boling Joshua AB, 430; McCarter 1 Samuel AB, 238). It may also be described as lying on the intersection
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Hapharaim, Haphraim
Hapharaim, Haphraim. Town included in the territory allotted to Issachar’s tribe for an inheritance (Jos 19:19, kjv Haphraim). Its location is uncertain, though some have identified it with et-Taiyibeh, about 10 miles northwest of Beth-shan.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Hapharaim haf-ə-rāʹəm [Heb. ap̱ārayim—‘two pits’]; AV HAPHRAIM haf-rāʹəm. One of the sixteen cities, with their villages, assigned to the tribe of Issachar when Canaan was divided among the tribes of Israel after the Conquest under Joshua (Josh. 19:19). Sheshonq (Shishak) includes it in his list
2. A city in the territory W of the Jordan allotted to Manasseh; it belonged to the clan of Abiezer (Jgs. 6:11, 15, 24, 34; 8:32; 9:5; cf. Josh. 17:2; 1 Ch. 7:18). Ophrah was the home of Gideon and the place where he received a divine commission to deliver Israel from the oppressing Midianites, built
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
HAPHARAIM Town included in the territory allotted to Issachar’s tribe for an inheritance (Jos 19:19). Some scholars have identified it with et-Taiyibeh, about ten miles (16 kilometers) northwest of Beth-shan.
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Ophrah (of´ruh).1 A town belonging to the Abiezrite group from the tribe of Manasseh (Judg. 6:11, 15). It was the home of Gideon (chaps. 6–8), and it was here that Gideon built an altar inscribed with the words, “the Lord is peace” to commemorate the appearance of an angel of the Lord to him (6:24).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
HAPHRAIM. A town in Issachar mentioned as between Shunem and Shion (Josh 19:19). Spelled ḥprm in Shishak’s list of conquered Palestinian towns. Probably located at et-Taiyibeh NW of Bethshan and seven miles NE of Jezreel.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Hapharaim (Heb. ḥăp̱ārayim)A city in the territory allotted to the tribe of Issachar (Josh. 19:19). Some scholars have associated it with a site (Egyp. ḥprm) mentioned in Shishak (Sheshonk) I’s list of conquered cities inscribed at Karnak or with two cities (ʒpr wr, ʒpr šri) in a list of Thutmose
Ophrah (Heb. ʿop̱râ) (PLACE)1. A city in the territory of the tribe of Benjamin (Josh. 18:23), probably identical to the city of Ephraim (2 Sam. 13:23) near Baal-hazor, as well as the city of Ephron mentioned in 2 Chr. 13:19. Ophrah is situated at modern eṭ-Ṭaiyibeh (178151), 6.5 km. (4 mi.) NE of
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Haphra´im (two pits), a city of Issachar, mentioned next to Shunem. Josh. 19:19. About six miles northeast of Lejjun, and two miles west of Solam (the ancient Shunem), stands the village of el-˒Afûleh, which may possibly be the representative of Haphraim.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
HAPHARA´IM (haf-a-raʹyim; “double pit”). A place near the borders of Issachar, mentioned as between Shunem and Shion (Josh. 19:19). Probably et-Taiyibeh, eight miles NW of Bethshan.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
HAPHRAIM [haf RAY uhm] — a frontier town of Issachar (Josh. 19:19; Hapharaim, NRSV, NIV). It may be modern Khirbet el-Farriyeh, about ten kilometers (six miles) northwest of Megiddo.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
HAPHARAIM<haf-a’-ra’-im> ([חֲפָרַיִם‎, chapharayim]; the King James Version Haphraim, haf-ra’im, possibly “place of a moat”): A town in the territory of Issachar, named with Shunem and Anaharath (Josh 19:19). Eusebius, Onomasticon identifies it with “Affarea,” and places it 6 miles North of Legio-Megiddo.
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