Hans Egede
b. January 31, 1686 – d. November 5, 1758 • Lutheran • Missionary
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Egede, Hans
Egede, Hans (1686–1758), *Lutheran missionary from Norway to Greenland, the ‘Apostle of the Eskimos’. From 1707 to 1717 he ministered at Vaagen, in the Lofoten Islands. In 1717 he went to Bergen to get support for a scheme for a mission to Greenland and in 1721 he set out. After many difficulties, but
The Lutheran Cyclopedia
Egede, Hans
Egede, Hans, the “apostle of Greenland,” b. in Norway, 1686, and d. in Denmark, 1758, when pastor at Vagen on the Lofoden Islands, read of the Norse settlements in Greenland in the Middle Ages. He resolved to bring the gospel to their “descendants who had become heathens.” E. and his heroic wife prevailed
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Egede, Hans
Egede, Hans (1686–1758)Pioneer Norwegian missionary to GreenlandA Pietist pastor, Egede took his family from northern Norway to Greenland in 1721. There, until 1736, he carried on the first evangelical missionary effort among the Eskimos. During a smallpox epidemic, Egede and his wife won the hearts