Half a shekel
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Half a shekel; Half-shekel
Half a shekel; Half-shekel[Heb maḥaṣîṯ haššeqel (Ex. 30:13, 15; 38:26), Gk. dídrachmon (Mt. 17:24)]; AV also TRIBUTE MONEY (Mt. 17:24), NEB also TEMPLE TAX (Mt. 17:24). An annual payment of the atonement money (Ex. 30:13, 15; 38:26) or of the temple tax (Mt. 17:24). Both were paid by males over
Catholic Bible Dictionary
HALF-SHEKEL The amount of Temple tax that was to be paid by every Jewish male age twenty or older. It was the equivalent of two Greek drachmas, or a didrachma (Matt 17:24).
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
HALF-SHEKEL [SHEK uhl] — the amount of payment required for the annual Temple tax of each male Israelite over 20 years of age (Ex. 30:13). A half-shekel was roughly equivalent to two days’ pay for a common laborer. Also see Money of the Bible.
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