The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Hale; HalingAn obsolete English term (from Old English halen) meaning “pull” or “drag,” used by the AV to translate Gk. sýrō in Acts 8:3 and katasýrō in Lk. 12:58. The RSV uses “drag” in both instances. A more frequent modern form is “haul.”
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
HALE; HALING<hal>, <hal’-ing> (OE halen): “To pull” or drag, the King James Version translation of [σύρω, suro], “to draw or drag” (Acts 8:3, “haling men and women,” the American Standard Revised Version “dragging”), and of [κατασύρω, katasuro], “to drag down” or “force along” (Lk 12:58,
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Hale, Haling
HALE, hāl, vb., HALING, hālʹing (OE halen): “To pull” or “drag,” the AV tr of σύρω, súrō, “to draw or drag” (Acts 8:3, “haling men and women,” ARV “dragging”), and of κατασύρω, katasúrō, “to drag down” or “force along” (Lk 12:58, “lest he hale thee to the judge,” ARV “lest haply he drag thee unto