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Hadadezer, Son of Rehob
Hadadezer, Son of Rehob An Aramean king who fought David, as recorded in 2 Sam 8:3–8 (1 Chr 18:3–8) and 2 Sam 10:15–19 (1 Chr 19:16–19).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Hadadezer (Person)
HADADEZER (PERSON) [Heb hădadʿezer (הֲדַדְעֶזֶר)]. Aramean king defeated by David as reported in 2 Sam 8:3, 5 (= 1 Chr 18:3, 5); and 10:16 (= 1 Chr 19:16). According to the 2 Samuel 8 passage he was the son of REHOB, king of ZOBAH, located N of Damascus. In the 2 Samuel 10 passage his territory is unnamed.
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Hadadezer. King of Zobah in Syria during David’s reign in Israel. He apparently ruled a region from Ammon in the south to the Euphrates in the east. In 2 Samuel 8:3–12 (see also 1 Chr 18:3–10; kjv Hadarezer) Hadadezer “went to restore his power at the river Euphrates”; David engaged him in battle and
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Hadadezer hā-dad-ēʹzer, had-ə-dēʹzər [Heb. haḏaḏʿezer] (2 S. 8:3–12; 1 K. 11:23); [haḏarʿezer] (2 S. 10:16, 19; 1 Ch. 18:3–11; 19:16, 19); AV HADAREZER. Mentioned in connection with David’s wars of conquests, Hadadezer was king of Zobah in Syria. The exact position and size of this Syrian
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
HADADEZER King of Zobah in Syria during David’s reign in Israel. He apparently ruled a region from Ammon in the south to the Euphrates in the east. According to 2 Samuel 8:3–12 (see also 1 Chr 18:3–10, kjv “Hadarezer”), Hadadezer attempted to restore his power. David engaged him in battle at the river
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Hadadezer (hay´dad-ee´zuhr; Heb., “Hadad is help”), the king of Zobah who was defeated by David in various campaigns against Aramean resistance (2 Sam. 8:3–12; 10:15–19; 1 Chron. 18:3–11; 19:16–19). David’s victory consolidated his control over both southern Syria and the Transjordan. His tactics included
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
HADADEZER. Son of Rehob, Hadadezer was king of Zobah (2 Sam 8:3), a Syrian region lying to the N of Damascus. In David’s time Hadadezer sought with various allies to conquer Israel, but without success. 2 Sam 8 describes two occasions when David subdued Hadadezer, the second campaign bringing much booty
HADAREZER. Alternate spelling of Hadadezer king of the Aramean state of Zobah, defeated by King David (2 Sam 10:16, 19; 1 Chr 18:3, 5, 7–10; 19:16, 19); cf. spelling Hadadezer, (2 Sam 8:3–12).
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
HADADEZER. This Aramaean personal name, meaning ‘(the god) *Hadad is (my) helper’, was borne by at least two kings of the Damascus region. It is sometimes written ‘Hadarezer’, perhaps reflecting an Aramaic dialectal variant, in 2 Sa. 10:16–19; 1 Ch. 18:3–8 (av).Hadadezer, son of Rehob, was king of Zobah,
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Hadadezer (Heb. hăḏaḏʿezer)1. Aramean king of Zobah who was defeated by David; the son of Rehob (2 Sam. 8:3). The precise location of his city is not known, though scholars assume it was in the Beqaʿ Valley of Lebanon. It may be named in later Assyrian documents as a provincial center (ṣubatu) derived
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Hadadezer [hādˊə dēˊzər] (Heb. haḏaḏ˓ezer; Akk. Adad-idri “Hadad is help”).
Catholic Bible Dictionary
HADADEZER (Hebrew, “Hadad is help”) The Aramean king of Zobah who was defeated twice by David (2 Sam 8:3, 5; 10:16; 1 Chr 18:3, 5; 19:16).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Hadare´zer (Hadad’s help), son of Rehob, 2 Sam. 8:3, the king of the Armite state of Zobah, who was pursued by David and defeated with great loss. 1 Chron. 18:3, 4. (b.c. 1035.) After the first repulse of the Ammonites and their Syrian allies by Joab, Hadarezer sent his army to the assistance of his
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