The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Hachilah (חֲכִילָה‎, chakhilah). A specific hill in the Judean hill country where David hid from Saul (1 Sam 26:1, 3; 23:19). Located south of Jeshimon.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Hachilah (Place)
HACHILAH (PLACE) [Heb ḥăkı̂lâ (חֲכִילָה)]. A hill in the Judean hill country where David found refuge from Saul (1 Sam 23:19; 26:1) and on which Saul encamped in his pursuit of David (1 Sam 26:3). Located on the hill of Hachilah (1 Sam 23:19) was HORESH, a site in the Wilderness of Ziph (1 Sam 23:15),
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Hachilah. Unidentified site in Hebron to which David fled when Saul attempted to kill him (1 Sm 23:19; 26:13).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Hachilah hə-kīʹlə, hakʹi-lə, HILL OF [Heb. aḵîlâ]. A hill in the wilderness of Judah, associated with the wanderings of David. It is stated to be S of Jeshimon (1 S. 23:19) and “on the east of Jeshimon” (1 S. 26:1). It was near Ziph and Maon, but the site has not been identified.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
HACHILAH* Unidentified site in Horesh, near Hebron, to which David fled when Saul attempted to kill him (1 Sm 23:19; 26:1, 3).
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Hachilah (huh-ki´luh), an unidentified hill in southern Judah in the wilderness of Ziph not far from Hebron. David hid there from Saul (1 Sam. 23:19; 26:1) and, without knowing this, Saul encamped on the hill in his search for David (26:3). See also Ziph.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
HACHILAH. A hill in the wilderness of Judah E of Ziph, SE of Hebron, facing the Jeshimon (“desolate”) district where David took refuge when fleeing from Saul (1 Sam 23:19; 26:1, 3). It is a wild area of cliffs and gorges W of En-gedi.
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
HACHILAH (Heb. aḵîlâ, ‘drought’). A hill in the wilderness of Judah where David was hidden when the Ziphites plotted to betray him to Saul (1 Sa. 23:19; 26:1, 3). The site is uncertain, but generally regarded as being near Dahret el-Kôlâ, between Ziph and *En-gedi.J. D. Douglas.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Hachilah (Heb. ḥăḵɩ̂lâ)A hill S of Jeshimon where the strongholds of Horesh were located (1 Sam. 23:19), also said to be “opposite Jeshimon” (26:1) and “E of Jeshimon” (v. 3). David sought asylum there while hiding from Saul, but hid in the desert when Saul himself camped at Hachilah (1 Sam. 26:3).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Hachilah [hə kīˊlə] (Heb. aḵîlâ). A hill along the border of the Wilderness of Ziph where David hid from Saul (1 Sam. 23:19; 26:3). Said to be south of Jeshimon, its precise location is not known.
Catholic Bible Dictionary
HACHILAH A hill in the Judean hill country, near Ziph. David took refuge there when Saul was pursuing him (1 Sam 23:19; 26:1, 3).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Hachilah the hill
Hach´ilah, The hill, a hill apparently situated in a wood in the wilderness or waste land in the neighborhood of Ziph, in Judah, in the fastnesses or passes of which David and his six hundred followers were lurking when the Ziphites informed Saul of his whereabouts. 1 Sam. 23:19; comp. 14, 15, 18.
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