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The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
habit (religious dress). The distinctive outward sign of the religious state. A habit is worn by all members of the old orders (monks, friars, and nuns), and normally consists of a tunic, belt or girdle, scapular, hood for men and veil for women, and a cloak for use in choir and out of doors. The colours
Compton’s Encyclopedia
habit and addiction
habit and addictionOften the origin of a word can reveal a great deal about its true meaning. This is certainly true of the words habit and addiction, which entered the English language many centuries ago. “Addict” is a term that originated in Roman law, when it referred to a person who was “formally
Pocket Dictionary of Ethics
habit. A learned behavioral response to certain stimuli reinforced by repetition. Though some habits may be connected to *instincts, most are acquired. Moreover, habits are generally automatic responses and may at times be compulsive. They mark a specific way a person reacts under particular circumstances.
The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia
HabitEdwards uses the term “habit” synonymously with other terms such as “disposition,” “tendency,” “propensity,” and “inclination.” All these terms mean a readiness or inclination to think or act in a certain manner. About “habit” Edwards offers a more precise definition. “[A]ll habits,” he wrote in