Guest Room
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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Guest Room
Guest Room [Gk. katályma] (Mk. 14:14; Lk. 22:11); AV GUEST-CHAMBER; NEB ROOM; [xenía] (Philem. 22); AV LODGING; NEB ROOM. The Gk. katályma is derived from katalýō, “slacken, loosen,” referring to the ropes of the beasts of burden, and hence “rest, find lodging.” While in Mk. 14:14 it alludes to
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Guest Room
GUEST ROOM (Gk. kataluma, to “break up,” i.e., a “journey”). Any room used for the entertainment of guests (Mark 14:14; Luke 22:11); rendered “inn” in 2:7. See House.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Guest-chamberthe spare room on the upper floor of an Eastern dwelling (Mark 14:14; Luke 22:11). In Luke 2:7 the word is translated “inn” (q.v.).
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Guest Room
GUEST ROOM — a room for the lodging of guests (Mark 14:14; Philem. 22). The Greek word translated as “guest room” means “a lodging or resting place.” A few houses of Palestine had rooms set aside for use by guests.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
GUEST-CHAMBER<gest’-cham-ber>: The translation of1. ([לִשִׁכָּה‎, lishkah]) (1 Sam 9:22, the King James Version “parlor”), and2. ([κατάλυμα, kataluma]) (Mk 14:14 parallel Lk 22:11). The lishkah was probably a room in which the sacrificial feasts were held. Kataluma is derived from kataluo,
A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels: Aaron–Zion
GUEST-CHAMBER.—This word occurs in EV only in the parallel passages Mk 14:14, Lk 22:11. Peter and John, sent by Jesus to prepare His last Passover, are told to ask the master of the house to which they would be guided, ‘Where is the (Mk. ‘my’) guest-chamber, where I shall eat the passover with my disciples?’
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Guest Room
GUEST ROOM or CHAMBER Single room where travelers could lodge. The guest room of Mark 14:14; Luke 22:11 was a room borrowed for the celebration of the Passover meal. The same Greek term is traditionally translated as “inn” at Luke 2:7.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
Guest Room
guest room. This expression (Gk. katalyma G2906) is used of the room in which Jesus and his disciples ate the Passover on the eve of the crucifixion (Mk. 14:14; Lk. 22:11; the same Gk. word is translated “inn” in Lk. 2:7). It refers to a room that provided facilities for temporary lodging or for banqueting
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
GUEST-CHAMBER, gestʹchām-bẽr: The tr of (1) לִשִׁכָּה‎, lishkāh (1 S 9:22, AV “parlor”), and (2) κατάλυμα, katáluma (Mk 14:14Lk 22:11). The lishkāh was probably a room in which the sacrificial feasts were held. Kataluma is derived from katalúō, which means “to slacken,” i.e. the ropes of the
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
GUEST ROOM [κατάλυμα katalyma, ξενία xenia]. Katalyma is used in Mark 14:14; Luke 2:7; 22:11 for the room borrowed by Jesus and his disciples for the Passover meal. Usually a katalyma was a single room where travelers could stay overnight, which is the connotation in Luke 2:7 of the occupied room in