Groves (clusters of trees)
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
groves, clusters of trees such as might be found in an orchard or oasis. Palm groves (Num. 24:6) and olive groves (Deut. 6:11; Judg. 15:5) are specifically mentioned. Jth. 3:8 mentions sacred groves destroyed by Holofernes. In 2 Esdras it is said that neither thick groves nor the clefts of rocks will
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Grove. This word is improperly used by the translators of our Authorized Version as the representative of the Hebrew word Asherah, which was the proper name of a Phœnician goddess and the designation of an idol or image of Ashtoreth (Judg. 3:7; 6:25; 1 Kings 18:19). But in the religions of the ancient