Gregory of Tours
b. November 30, AD 538 – d. November 17, AD 594 • Bishop • Historian
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Gregory of Tours, St
Gregory of Tours, St (538/9–94), Bp. of Tours and historian of the Franks. He came of a Gallo-Roman senatorial family which had already produced several bishops, and was elected Bp. of Tours in 573. Though he had at first to oppose King Chilperic, he readily supported the ‘good king’, Guntram, against
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Gregory of Tours
Gregory of Tours (St.)—Bishop and historian. Was born of a noble family at Clermont, in the Province of Auvergne, in 539. Members of his father’s and mother’s families had held high offices in both Church and State. His education was directed by his uncle, St. Gall, Bishop of Clermont, and by Avitus,
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Gregory of Tours
GREGORY of Tours (ca. 538–594). George Florentius, later called Gregory after one of his forefathers, was born around 538 in Clermont-Ferrand into a family of Roman origin. He entered an ecclesiastical career and was bishop of *Tours from 573 until his death (15 November 594). He was deeply involved
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Gregory of Tours
Gregory of Tours (c. 538–594)Bishop of Tours; historian of medieval Gaul (France)Born Georgius Florentius, he took the name Gregorius Turonesis (“of Tours”). From his birth in Clermont-Ferrand, he was associated with ecclesiastical life. After his father died, Gregory’s mother moved to Cavaillon, where