Gregory of Nyssa
b. AD 335 – d. AD 395 • Bishop • Theologian
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Gregory of Nyssa, St
Gregory of Nyssa, St (c. 330–c. 395), Bp. of Nyssa, *Cappadocian Father. He was a younger brother of St *Basil. Though early destined for an ecclesiastical career he temporarily became a rhetorician, but returned to his first vocation and entered a monastery founded by his brother. He was consecrated
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Gregory of Nyssa
Gregory of Nyssa (St.).—Father of the Greek Church, a younger brother of St. Basil, was born at Sebaste in 331. He was married, but, after the death of his wife, was induced by Basil, and their common friend, Gregory Nazianzen, to dedicate his talents to the sacred ministry. In 371, Gregory was made
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Gregory of Nyssa
Gregory of Nyssa (ca. 335–94). One of the “great ⇒Cappadocians,” brother of ⇒Basil of Caesarea and of ⇒Macrina. His formal education was not as polished as that of Basil or of ⇒Gregory of Nazianzus, the friend of both, but he owed it chiefly to the teachings of Basil and of Macrina (both of whom he called
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Gregory of Nyssa
Gregory of NyssaGregory of Nyssa (c. 330–395) was the younger brother of Basil of Caesarea, and one of the three great Cappadocian Fathers. He passionately defended the Nicene concept of the Holy Trinity. Before he became bishop of Nyssa, he was a solitary ascetic who had also spent time as a rhetorician.
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Gregory of Nyssa, St.
Gregory of Nyssa, St. (c. 330–c. 395). The younger brother of *Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa was one of the three influential *Cappadocian fathers who helped to define orthodoxy at the *Council of Canstantinople (381). Gregory rose in the church from monk to ordained priest and was consecrated bishop
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Gregorius Nyssenus
GREGORIUS (15) NYSSENUS, bishop of Nyssa in Cappadocia (372–395), brother of Basil the Great, and a leading theologian of the Eastern church in the second half of the 4th century. He and his brother and their common friend Gregory Nazianzen were the chief champions of the orthodox Nicene faith in the
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Gregory of Nyssa
Gregory of Nyssa (ca. 335–ca. 395). Born into a large, wealthy, Cappadocian family (with nine siblings), Gregory is often perceived in the shadow of his prominent, older brother, Basil, who was the metropolitan bishop for Cappadocia. Indeed, Basil tutored his younger brother in philosophy and rhetoric
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GREGORY OF NYSSA [Γρηγόριος Grēgorios]. Gregory (b. ca. 335–340 ce; d. after 394), along with his brother BASIL of Caesarea and friend Gregory OF NAZIANZOS, was one of the three so-called Cappadocian Fathers. Basil oversaw Gregory’s education in the Greco-Roman classics, and as a young man Gregory embarked
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Gregory of Nyssa (c. 335–95)
GREGORY OF NYSSA (c. 335–95)Gregory was the youngest of the three Cappadocian Fathers (together with his elder brother *Basil of Caesarea, and their friend *Gregory of Nazianzus). In the late ninth century, he helped to bring about the victory of Nicene orthodoxy over *Arianism and give definitive shape
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Gregory of Nyssa
Gregory of Nyssa (330–c. 395)Cappadocian rhetorician and theologian; bishop of NyssaGregory, born at Caesarea in Cappadocia, was the younger brother of Basil and Macrina (a sister), whom he called his “teachers.” He with Basil and Gregory Nazianzus composed the “three Cappadocians” who powerfully influenced