Gregory Thaumaturgus
b. AD 213 – d. AD 270 • Bishop
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Gregory Thaumaturgus, St
Gregory Thaumaturgus, St (c. 213–c. 270). Greek Church Father. He came from a prosperous pagan family of Neocaesarea in Pontus, and studied law and rhetoric. About 233 he went to *Caesarea in Palestine, where he became a disciple of *Origen, who converted him to the Christian faith and with whom he remained
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Gregory Thaumaturgus
Gregory Thaumaturgus (St.)—Father of the Church; from his extraordinary miracles surnamed Thaumaturgus (wonder-worker). He was born in Neo-Cæsarea in Pontus about 270, and was educated as a pagan until he came to Cæsarea, Palestine, where he and his brother Athenodorus were converted to the faith by
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Gregory Thaumaturgus
Evangelists and ApologistsGregory Thaumaturgus“The Wonder Worker”“Gregory was a great and conspicuous lamp, illuminating the church of God.”—Basil the GreatParents today sometimes worry that their children will go off to college and return as converts to some strange, new religion. That’s
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GREGO′RIUS (Γρηγόριος)
GREGO′RIUS (Γρηγόριος). Literary and ecclesiastical.1. Acindynus. [Acindynus.]2. Agrigentinus, or of Agrigentum, one of the most eminent ecclesiastics of the sixth century, was born near Agrigentum about a. d. 524. His father, Chariton, and his mother, Theodote, were pious people, by whom, from his
GREGO′RIUS THAUMATURGUS, or THEODO′RUS, ST., received the surname of Thaumaturgus from his miracles. He was a native of Neocaesareia in Cappadocia, and the son of heathen parents. He pursued his studies, chiefly in Roman law, at Alexandria, Athens, Berytus, and finally at Caesareia in Palestine, where
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Gregorius (3)
GREGORIUS (3), surnamed Thaumaturgus, bishop of Neocaesarea in Pontus, cir. 233–270. He was born about 210 at Neocaesarea on the Lycus, the modern Niksar. He was the son of heathen parents who were both wealthy and noble. His early name was Theodorus, for which some explanation may be found in the fact
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Gregory Thaumaturgus
GREGORY THAUMATURGUSGregory (c. 210–260) was born of upper-class pagan parents, but he was converted to Christianity by Origen, to whom he had gone for studies. Gregory later became bishop of Neocaesarea, and he was instrumental in converting much of the population of that city to Christianity. After
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Gregory Thaumaturgus
GREGORY THAUMATURGUS (ca. 213–ca. 270). The unanimous hagiographical liturgical literature places Gregory in the 2nd half of the 3rd c. in Asia Minor as bishop of *Neocaesarea in *Pontus and as a great evangelizer of that region. The eloquent nickname explains the great popularity that surrounded him
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Gregory Thaumaturgus
Gregory Thaumaturgus (c. 213–c. 270)Bishop of Neocaesarea in PontusGregory (named Theodore from birth) was a member of a wealthy family. He studied law with his brother Athenodorus in the famous school at Berytus only to become an enthusiastic pupil of the famed theologian Origen from 233 to 238. Gregory’s