Gregory Palamas
b. 1296 – d. 1359 • Bishop • Monk • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Gregory Palamas, St
Gregory Palamas, St (c. 1296–1359), Greek theologian and chief exponent of *Hesychasm. He was born probably at *Constantinople, of a noble Anatolian family. Attracted from his youth to the monastic ideal, he persuaded his brothers and sisters, as well as his widowed mother, to embrace the religious life.
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Palamas, Gregory (1296–1359)
Palamas, Gregory (1296–1359)One of the most prominent theologians and monastic personalities of the Eastern Orthodox Church, St Gregory Palamas lived in the fourteenth century—an exceptionally creative and critical period of theological, liturgical and spiritual development in the Byzantine East. Representative
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Palamas, Gregory
Palamas, Gregory (1296–1359). Born in Constantinople, P. became the most important Orthodox theologian of the fourteenth century. He was educated in the Byzantine imperial court until he took monastic vows. He was ordained to the ministry in Thessalonica, where he remained until he became archbishop.
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Gregory Palamas
Gregory Palamas (1296–1359). A Greek Orthodox mystic and theologian. Born and educated in Constantinople, in 1318 he entered monastic life at Mount Athos in Greece, where he became known for asceticism and emphasis on mystical exercises. After periods at several other monasteries, he returned to Mount
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Palamas, Gregory (c. 1296–1359)
PALAMAS, GREGORY (c. 1296–1359)Gregory Palamas was born into a noble family, probably in Constantinople, in about 1296. Drawn to the monastic life from his youth, in about 1318 he went to Mount Athos, where he encountered the *hesychast tradition of solitary use of the Jesus prayer. The Turkish advance
Who’s Who in Christian History
Gregory Palamas
Gregory Palamas (c. 1296–1359)Greek monk and theologian; bishop of ThessalonicaGregory Palamas left his well-to-do family home in Constantinople at the age of twenty-two to enter the austere monastery of Mount Athos (Greece). Turkish invasions, however, compelled him to seek refuge in Thessalonica,