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Greek Versions of the Hebrew Bible
Greek Versions of the Hebrew Bible Surveys the Greek versions of the Hebrew Bible other than the Septuagint, including both translations of Hebrew versions and revisions of existing Greek translations.
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Greek Versions
Greek VersionsOne of the main reasons for the rise of multiple Greek versions of the Hebrew Scriptures in the early centuries c.e. was the theological discussions between Jewish and Christian scholars. However, revision of the Old Greek (so-called Septuagint or LXX) translation and/or new translations
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Greek Versions
Greek Versions. *To accommodate Jews dispersed throughout the Hellenistic world, and to a lesser extent interested non-Jews, it became necessary to translate the Hebrew scriptures into Greek, the common language. The most influential, and probably the earliest, such translation was the Septuagint (LXX),
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Esther 5: Greek Versions
ESTHER 5: GREEK VERSIONSModern English translations made within the Protestant and Jewish traditions are translated from the Hebrew Masoretic Text, but all canonical books of the Hebrew Bible survive also in at least one ancient Greek translation. However, the book of Esther is among a few books that
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A. Greek Old Testament
A. Greek Old TestamentJewish translation of the OT into Greek probably began in the early 3rd cent. bce. Texts that suggest the existence of earlier translations (Let. Aris. 314 [see ARISTEAS, LETTER OF] and Aristobulus in Eusebius, Praep. ev. 13.12) are in all probability anachronistic. The Letter
VERSIONS, GREEK. Translations of the OT into Greek began as early as the 3rd cent. bce in Alexandria, Egypt. Almost certainly the Pentateuch or Torah was first translated and named the SEPTUAGINT. Even as other books were translated, Jewish revisers worked to bring the Greek more closely into line with