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Greek Church
greek [schismatic] church. Under this title we include all those Christians who, being separated from the communion of the Pope, acknowledge the primacy of the Patriarch of Constantinople. The Russian church, however, which is really Greek in the sense of the above definition, we put aside for the present,
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The Church in Greece
Greece (The Church in) and The Ionian Islands.—In Greece, the State’s religion is the Greek-Schismatic Christianity. Until 1852, the government acknowledged the supremacy of the Patriarch of Constantinople. A strong religious agitation, directed by a monk under the name Christophoros Papoulaki, decided
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Greek (or Eastern) Orthodoxy
Greek (or Eastern) OrthodoxyIn a.d. 1054, there was a schism between the Church of Rome and the Eastern churches, the latter rejecting, among other things, the dogmas of papal supremacy and Rome’s view of purgatory.* While accepting the efficacy of masses and prayers for the dead, Eastern Orthodoxy
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Greek, Christian
GREEK, CHRISTIAN. Christianity can be historically connected with the religious life of late Judaism. The Qumran documents testify, with a significant amount of data, that the religious expressions of the Jews, the Greeks and the Christians were similar, but with a significant note of isolation on the
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