Gospel of Luke
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Luke, Critical Issues—Luke as a Female Author
Luke, Gospel of, Theory of Female Authorship Explores the theory that Luke’s Gospel and Acts might have been written by a woman—a possibility occasionally raised by interpreters based on the prominence of women in both works.
Luke, Gospel of
Luke, Gospel of The third and longest of the four Gospels in the New Testament; attributed by early church tradition to Luke, a Gentile physician and occasional traveling companion of the Apostle Paul. The Gospel of Luke is a historical narrative about the life of Jesus calling its readers to life-changing
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Luke-Acts, Book of
LUKE-ACTS, BOOK OF. The conventional scholarly designation for the two volumes, the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, which are separated by the Gospel of John in the NT canon.A. IntroductionB. Circumstances of CompositionC. Genre and PurposeD. Literary Aspects of Luke-Acts1. Style2.
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Luke, Gospel of
Luke, Gospel of. Third book of the NT; also the third of the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke).
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Luke, Gospel of
LUKE, GOSPEL OF Third book of the NT; also the third of the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke).PreviewAuthorDate, Origin, and DestinationBackgroundPurpose and Theological TeachingContentAuthor Tradition attributes the authorship of the Gospel to the esteemed companion of Paul, Luke the
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Luke, Gospel according To
Luke, Gospel According to, the third Gospel in the nt.Contents: Luke’s Gospel opens with a dedication to Theophilus (1:1–4), followed by a long account of events related to the birth and childhood of Jesus, interspersed with hymns and parallel accounts of events related to the birth of John the Baptist
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Luke, Gospel of (Writing)
LUKE, GOSPEL OFOutlineI. Preface. 1:1–4II. Birth Narratives, 1:5–2:52III. Mission of John the Baptist, 3:1–20IV. Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee, 3:21–9:50V. Travel Narrative, 9:51–19:44VI. Jerusalem Ministry, 19:45–21:38VII. Passion Experiences, 22:1–24:53IntroductionEvidence from the 2nd cen.
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Luke, Gospel Of
Luke, Gospel ofThe third and longest book in the NT, sometimes called the Third Gospel.Questions of introduction typically include authorship, composition, date, and provenance—all of which are problematic in the study of Luke. Concerning authorship, the most likely candidate is Luke the physician
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Luke, Gospel of (Writing)
Luke, Gospel of. †The third book of the New Testament, and the third Gospel.
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Luke, Gospel of (Writing)
Luke, gospel ofLuke’s Gospel (see Gospel [Genre]) is the longest of the four Gospels. It is also the only Gospel with a sequel. By continuing his literary project into the Acts of the Apostles, Luke not only introduces us to Jesus and his ministry, but also to how that ministry relates to significant
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Luke, Gospel Of
LUKE, GOSPEL OF The third book of the New Testament and counted as one of the three Synoptic Gospels. The Gospel of Luke was written for Gentile Christians and is noted for its theme of universality, stressing that the Gospel is for all people, especially the poor and sinners. Luke dedicated the Gospel
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