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Gorgeous; Gorgeously
Gorgeous; Gorgeously This adjective and adverb occur once each in the RSV, both times to describe apparel befitting a king or his court. In Lk. 23:11 Gk. lamprós (“bright, shining”; cf. Acts 10:30) describes the kingly apparel in which Herod and his soldiers mockingly arrayed Jesus. In 7:25 Jesus told
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GORGEOUS; GORGEOUSLY<gor’-jus>, <gor’-jus-li> ([מִכְלוֹל‎, mikhlol]; [λαμπρός, lampros): Mikhlol occurs twice in the Old Testament, translated in the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) “most gorgeously” (Ezek 23:12); in Ezek 38:4, the King James Version translates
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Gorgeous, Gorgeously
GORGEOUS, gôrʹjus, GORGEOUSLY, gôrʹjus-li מִכְלוֹל‎, mikhlōl; λαμπρός, lamprós): Mikhlōl occurs twice in the OT, trd in AV and RV “most gorgeously” (Ezk 23:12); in Ezk 38:4, AV translates “all sorts” (of armor), RV “clothed in full armor.” Lampros (“shining,” “bright”), is only once trd “gorgeous” (Lk