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Gophnah (Γοφνα, Gophna; جفنا‎, Jifna). A leading city of Palestine beginning in the Hellenistic period.
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
GOPHNAH A town in northwestern Judea, mentioned only from the Hellenistic period onwards (Josephus, Antiq. xiv, 275). In the late Hellenistic period it is referred to as a small town (1 Macc. 11:34). By 47 bc, when it was conquered by Cassius it was an important city (Josephus, Antiq. xiv, 275), and
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
GOPHNA [Γοφνά gophna]. A mountainous region (1 Macc 2:28) within Samaria (2 Macc 15:1) where Mattathias and his followers hid during the Hasmonean struggle for independence (167–142 bce). Josephus wrote that Judas Maccabeus later took refuge specifically in the district of Gophna (J.W. 1. 45). Judas’