God’s Conflict with Dragon and Sea
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Dragon and Sea
Dragon and Sea Figurative representatives of chaos in the Bible and ancient Near Eastern literature that often factor in stories of or allusions to a divine battle with the sea and its inhabitants.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Dragon and Sea, God’s Conflict With
DRAGON AND SEA, GOD’S CONFLICT WITH. In the OT there are a number of references to Yahweh’s conflict with the dragon and the sea, the dragon sometimes being named as Leviathan or Rahab. The theme is also seen in the NT in the book of Revelation. The imagery is sometimes associated with the creation of
Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
Beasts, Dragon, Sea, Conflict Motif
Beasts, Dragon, Sea, Conflict MotifThe dragon, the beasts and the sea in Revelation (see Revelation, Book of) constitute a complex of evil powers that war against God and Christ and instigate conflict between humans. 1. Revelation as the Product of Conflict 2. Conflict Between Humans 3. Conflict