God as king
Perceptions and belief of a god as a king.
Key passages
Tob 1:18

And if Achereil the king killed anyone when he came fleeing from Judah, I buried them by stealth; for he killed many in his anger. And the body was sought by the king, but it was not found.

Tob 10:13

After these things Tobias went forth, blessing God, because he prospered his way. He also blessed Raguel and Adnah his wife. So he went until he drew near to Nineveh.

Tob 13:6–11

If you turn to him with your whole heart and with your whole soul, to act in truthfulness before him, then he will turn to you and not hide his face from you. And behold how he will deal with you. Then acknowledge him with your whole body, bless the Lord of righteousness, and exalt the King …

Gk Es 13:15

And now, Lord God, the King, the God of Abraham, spare your people, because they look upon us for destruction, and they long to destroy your inheritance from the beginning.

Gk Es 14:12

Remember, O Lord; make yourself known in the time of our affliction and encourage me, O King of the gods and Master of all dominion.