Girolamo Aleandro
b. February 13, 1480 – d. February 1, 1542 • Bishop • Cardinal
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Aleander, Girolamo
Aleander, Girolamo (1480–1542), humanist scholar. Educated at Venice and Padua, at the suggestion of *Erasmus in 1508 he went to seek his fortune in Paris, where he gave lectures on Greek. There he also graduated and in 1513 was chosen Rector of the University. The important part that he took in the
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Aleander, Girolamo
ALEANDER, GIROLAMO (1480–1542)Diplomat of the Roman Catholic Church during its struggle with LutherBorn in the Venetian Republic (Italy) into a well-to-do burgher family, Aleander was schooled in theology and medicine at Padua and Venice. In early life he was associated with a brilliant circle of humanists