The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Girl [Heb. ʿalmâ (Ex. 2:8), yaldâ (Joel 3:3 [MT 4:3]; Zec. 8:5), naʿa (Jgs. 19:3–6, 8f); Gk. korásion (Mt. 9:24f.; 14:11; Mk. 5:41f.; 6:22, 28), paidískē (“slave girl,” Acts 16:16), parthénos (1 Cor. 7:28, 34)]; AV also MAID, DAMSEL, VIRGIN (1 Cor. 7:28, 34); NEB also CHILD (Mk. 5:41), VIRGIN
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
GIRL. This term appears twice in the OT (Joel 3:3; Zech 8:5), in both instances in association with boys. The term may mean child, female, lass, or even damsel, as in (Gen 34:4).
Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
GIRL נערהI. The identity of ‘the Girl’ in the phrase “A man and his father go to the girl” (Amos 2:7) is most probably solved when interpreted as a depreciative designation of a female deity, perhaps →Ashima (Andersen & Freedman 1989:318–319) or →Ashera.II. The identity of the deity being unknown,
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
GIRL (Heb. yaldâ, “one born female”). The female counterpart of “boy” (yeled). Yaldâ is often used of female children (Joel 3:3; Zech. 8:5) but occasionally of a girl of marriageable age, i.e., in her early teens (Gen. 34:4). In Lev. 12:5 a female child was described technically as nqēbâ, and this
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
GIRL<gurl>: Twice in the Old Testament as the rendering of [יַלְדָּה‎, yaldah] (Joel 3:3; Zec 8:5), in both cases in association with boys. Same word rendered “damsel” in Gen 34:4.See DAUGHTER; MAID,.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
girl. This English term is used in Bible versions to render primarily Hebrew naʿărâ H5855 and Greek korasion G3166. It must be noted that among ancient peoples there was little in the way of a differentiation between the stages of infancy to old age. Such terms as “boy” or “girl” are therefore imprecise,
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
GIRL, gûrl: Twice in the OT as the rendering of יַלְדָּה‎, yaldāh (Joel 3:3; Zec 8:5), in both cases in association with boys. Same word rendered “damsel” in Gen 34:4. See Daughter; Maid, Maiden.