b. 1267 – d. January 8, 1337 • Architect • Painter
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Giotto (c. 1267–1337), the usual name of Ambrogiotto di Bondone, Florentine painter. Acc. to G. Vasari, the 16th-cent. historian of Italian art, he was a pupil of *Cimabue; *Dante (Purg. 11. 94–6) linked them as the most important painters in Italy to date. Little is known of his life: in Rome he was
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Giotto di Bondone
Giotto di Bondone(1266?–1337). Outstanding as a painter, sculptor, and architect, Giotto di Bondone was recognized as the first genius of art in the Italian Renaissance. Giotto lived and worked at a time when people’s minds and talents were first being freed from the shackles of medieval restraint.
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Giotto Di Bondone
Giotto Di Bondone (c. 1266–1337)Italian painter and architect known for his naturalistic approach to religious subject matterGiotto introduced a method of painting that relied fully on careful observation of nature. This approach led him to a new fidelity to the world of sight. Giotto was more than