The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Gilgal (גִּלְגָּל‎, gilgal). The name of several places in the Bible, including the site where the Israelites camped after crossing the Jordan River into the land of promise.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Gilgal (Prehistoric Sites)
GILGAL (PREHISTORIC SITES). Six prehistoric sites were uncovered in 1973–74 on a low ridge and in a flat valley nearby, which were formed by the lisan bed in the lower Jordan Valley about 12 km N of Jericho. This ridge stands on the E part of the Salabiya Valley and is 220 m below sea level. Three sites
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Gilʹgal [rolling thing], a place in the Jordan Valley near Jericho, where the Israelites made their first encampment in Palestine, and where they set up the twelve stones they had taken from the bed of the river (Josh. 4:19–24). Here Samuel judged (1 Sam. 7:16), and here the kingdom was confirmed to